Dean's Update

Dean Amir PasicOur usually light-filled new building felt like an ark this July as we experienced the rainiest month ever in Indianapolis’ recorded history. We also marked a historic moment with my appointment to IUPUI’s first endowed, named deanship, in honor of Founding Dean Emeritus Gene Tempel. Built with your philanthropy, the chair will enable its incumbents to advance the school’s role in improving philanthropy, through weather fair and foul.

This month The Giving Institute held its Summer Symposium in sunny Boston, where my presentation on the school’s work was greeted with cordial enthusiasm. An association for fundraising consulting and nonprofit services firms, the Institute sponsors Giving USA Foundation, our partner in our flagship research project. It was clear that Giving USA relationship is on very solid ground. Lively discussions focused on attracting and retaining talent in the nonprofit sector, international fundraising, solving mismatches between boards and staff, creating standards for good fundraisers, and building the analytics capacity of the third sector.

We welcomed a delegation from Tsinghua University that consulted with us as they plan to create their own school of philanthropy. We also hosted colleagues from Cass Business School in London who are keen to exchange talent and expertise through their 10-year-old Centre for Charity Effectiveness.

Joining us in the coming academic year as the Visiting Mott Chair in Community Foundations will be Mark Sidel, an expert on the law and philanthropy in global context and currently professor at the University of Wisconsin. He will conduct several workshops and a conference on community foundations in the spring semester. In the fall we are preparing to host Reynold Levy under the auspices of the Stead Chair in International Philanthropy. Dr. Levy recently stepped down from leading Lincoln Center in New York and formerly led the International Rescue Committee, the AT&T Foundation and the 92nd Street Y. He will deliver a public lecture in the evening of September 28. We hope to see you then and certainly for our meeting that will take place just a few days earlier on September 24 and 25.

With best wishes for the remainder of your summer.


News You Can Use


IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy launches new websiteI am pleased to announce the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s new website has officially launched. The mobile-first design aspect of our redesign means the site is intended to work optimally on a mobile device. This design expands to fit the screen for whatever larger device is being used, from a tablet to a desktop computer.

An increasing number of our website visitors will likely only ever see the mobile version of our site. This is a global trend that will only continue to grow. With this new design, you can take the school with you wherever you go, and you can find what you are looking for more easily and quickly.

Special thanks to Andy Ware and all those who worked to make this a reality. I hope you enjoy visiting our redesigned, mobile-first website.


  • 17-20 M.Div. Fundraising Program, Lake Institute on Faith & Giving
  • 17-20 Ph.D. Boot Camp
  • 27-28 International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Asia Pacific Regional Conference

28th Annual SymposiumLooking Ahead

October 30—2015 Symposium
Philanthropy and Fundraising: What We Know and What We Need to Know

Learn more and register today!

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Academic Programs

July 14-16—Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NAAC) Conference

Several Lilly Family School of Philanthropy faculty and students were featured speakers at the NACC conference in Chicago, IL.

  • Greg Witkowski and Julie Hatcher (along with Peter Weber of Murray State University and Rebecca Riccio of Northeastern University) presented a session titled “Experiential Philanthropy as the new Frontier of Nonprofit Education: the Case of the Learning by Giving Foundation.”
  • Hatcher, Genevieve Shaker, and Tyrone Freeman presented a session titled “The Collective Power of Faculty Learning Communities.”
  • Freeman and Richard Turner presented a session with alumni Elena Hermanson, Caily Wolma, and Ashley Cookson titled “Undergraduate Inquiry into Philanthropy and Nonprofitness through the Capstone Course.” Elena, Caily and Wolma were the only undergraduate level representatives to speak at the conference.
  • Patrick Rooney co-presented a session titled “When the Process Gets in the Way of Innovation, and Doing the Right Thing: Challenges of Bureaucracy and Administration for Nonprofit Research Centers.” He also was part of a session titled “War Stories and Tips on Hiring Nonprofit Tenure-Track Faculty.”
  • Freeman, Kathi Coon Badertscher, Hatcher, and Fran Huehls presented a session titled “Signature Assignments for Promoting Deep Undergraduate Learning in Philanthropic Studies.”

Tyrone Freeman, Caily Wolma, Ashley Cookson, Elena Hermanson, and Richard Turner

Left to Right: Tyrone Freeman, Caily Wolma, Ashley Cookson, Elena Hermanson, and Richard Turner

July 17—The school hosted three guests from Cass College, City University, London: Paul Palmer, Associate Dean for Ethics, Sustainability and Engagement; John Hailey, Director of NGO Management and Stephen Lee, Director of Fundraising. Discussions with our colleagues from the United Kingdom explored possible areas for future collaboration, such as research, summer initiatives for students and alumni and other joint programs drawing on each institution’s particular strengths.

July 23—Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Foundation World Leadership Congress

Pamela Clark, Director of Student Services & Admissions, along with undergraduate student and HOBY alumna Kayla Broughton, attended the HOBY World Leadership Congress in Chicago to inform young leaders from around the world about the Philanthropic Studies undergraduate program.

Faculty Activities, Awards, and Publications

Karl BeselKarl Besel started a new position as the Director (Assistant Dean) of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at IU Northwest.

Katie HerroldCatherine Herrold has a journal article in Nonprofit Policy Forum, “NGO Policy in Pre- and Post-Mubarak Egypt: Effects on NGOs’ Roles in Democracy Promotion. It has been published online, and will be coming out in print as well.

Looking Ahead

August 17-20—A Methods Boot Camp conducted by Lehn Benjamin and Richard Steinberg will provide first-year Ph.D. students with a basic introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methods so that they can be informed consumers of academic research.

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International Programs

July 16-17—Tsinghua UniversityLeadership of Tsinghua University’s new Institute for Philanthropy visited our school as part of a worldwide study tour as they engage in strategic planning for the Institute. The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy has an active, five-year MOU with Tsinghua’s School of Public Policy and Management, signed in June 2014. The delegation included Dean Ming Wang, Associate Dean Chao Wang, and Assistant Dean Yanbin Zhang. They were joined by Ms. Ruying Zhang, Deputy Chief Representative, Energy Foundation.

July 28—Dean Amir Pasic and Cathie Carrigan met Hannah Buxbaum, newly appointed academic director of IU’s Berlin “gateway” office, scheduled to open summer 2016.

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The Fund Raising School Talking Point of the Month

Hank Rosso“Indeed, fundraising is never an end in itself; it is purposive. It draws both its meaning and essence from the ends that are served: caring, helping, healing, nurturing, guiding, uplifting, teaching, creating, preventing, advancing a cause, preserving values, and so forth.”
-Hank Rosso, Founding Director, The Fund Raising School

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Women's Philanthropy Institute

July 23—Debra Mesch and Andrea Pactor joined Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Research colleagues Una Osili, Jacquie Ackerman, and Ph. D. candidate Elizabeth Dale to share findings from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded research projects with Gates foundation staff in Seattle.

The projects include a comprehensive literature review of academic articles related to gender and philanthropy as well as three new studies examining facets of how and why women give. The school’s team presented at two separate meetings; the first on the literature review and new research and the second on future research directions.

The presentations were well-received and Gates foundation team members raised provocative questions that future research may be able to address.

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Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

July 2—David King and Bill Enright led a one-day training session for our new adjunct faculty for the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising course. Lake Institute’s new adjunct faculty includes Gasby Brown, Marc Kirchoff, and Phil Jamieson. 

July 13-16—David King led two seminars on Giving Trends at the 59th Annual National Conference of The Church Network, powered by NACBA (National Association of Church Business Administration) in Nashville, TN.

July 21-22—David King led a two-day tailored Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity seminar at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.

July 27-31—David King and Bill Enright led a five-day Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising course in partnership with Fuller Theological Seminary & First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, CO.

Looking ahead:

Henry TimmsOctober 14—Distinguished Visitor lecture featuring Henry Timms, Executive Director of 92nd Street Y

This program allows us to bring visionary philanthropic practitioners to share their stories with community leaders, local philanthropists, and related public groups. We are finalizing the agenda with our partners and will share a detailed agenda soon. Be sure to mark your calendars for October 14 and 15 for Henry Timms's visit to Indianapolis!

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July 1—Dr. Una Osili was a speaker at the Western Economic Association International Conference. She presented the paper, Life Satisfaction and Charitable Giving: New Evidence from the PSID, co-authored with Cagla Okten and Emir Ozer of Bilkent University in Turkey.

July 29—Melanie McKitrick, Managing Editor of Giving USA, presented on Giving USA 2015 to the American Bar Association Charitable Group’s annual conference via webinar.

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We are pleased to announce that Indiana University approved the naming of one of our new University Hall rooms The Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation Conference Room, in appreciation for a recent gift from the foundation supporting the school as it transitions to the newest building on IUPUI’s campus.

President Michael A. McRobbie has announced the establishment by Indiana University of a gift matching program for the Bicentennial Campaign. This initiative has been created to offer extra incentive for donors to establish new endowed faculty positions, scholarships, and fellowships. The program also provides a special presidential challenge to encourage faculty and staff to endow and support areas of their choosing.

The leveraging of university funds for such a match has proven very successful in previous campaigns, and it is expected that this new program will again encourage donors to increase the level of their financial support during the current campaign. The Bicentennial Campaign matching program will match the spendable income from new endowments.

The following are details of the matching gift program:

Endowed Faculty Positions

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowed position, in perpetuity. Match does not begin until the position is fully funded and creates spendable income.

Eligibility: Bicentennial Chair, Bicentennial Professor, Bicentennial Librarian, Bicentennial Curator, Bicentennial Professor of Practice.

Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships

Eligibility: All endowed scholarships of $50,000 or more; and fellowships of $250,000 or more;

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowed scholarship/fellowship. Match does not begin until the endowment is fully funded and creates spendable income.

Current and Former Faculty & Staff

Eligibility: All new/named endowments of $25,000+ established by current or former full-time faculty and staff to any part of the university. This is a special challenge funded by the Office of the President to encourage faculty and staff to support the area(s) of their interest and choosing;

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowment. Match does not begin until the endowment is fully funded and creates spendable income.

General Notes:

• In all cases, the match will not begin until the funds have been received;

• Pledges must be payable over no more than five years to qualify for the match;

• For life-income gifts, the match will begin upon receipt of the gift to provide an opportunity for the donor to see his or her impact prior to the ultimate distribution of their funds at a later date.

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