Dean's Update

Dean Amir PasicAs September concluded, we were pleased to welcome Reynold Levy to campus as our inaugural lecturer under the auspices of the Stead Chair in International Philanthropy. The former president of the Lincoln Center, the International Rescue Committee, and the AT&T Foundation, Dr. Levy met with students and faculty and delivered a public lecture titled Two and a Half Cheers: The Triumph of America’s Third Sector and Its Twenty First Century Challenges.

Stead Lecture Series-Levy

On November 10 we will be honored to have Kenneth Prewitt join us for the next lecture in this Stead Chair Lecture Series. I hope many of you will be able to join us.

We were also pleased to welcome our Board of Visitors for our semi-annual fall meeting. We enjoyed research presentations by Professors Una Osili and Deb Mesch on women’s philanthropy and from Professor David King on the rich connections between faith and giving. A good part of our meeting was then devoted to students, including a spirited competition among six brave contestants for the privilege of winning the Human Interaction Project Service Scholarship, a $7500 travel scholarship that includes funds to be donated during the trip. The funds were made available by Leon Logothetis, author of The Kindness Diaries, who also joined us as our dinner speaker. We are busy compiling the results of our lively meeting and look forward to engaging in follow-up. Our spring meeting will be April 7-8, 2016.

Thanks to Professors Beth Gazley and Kirsten Grønbjerg at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) in Bloomington, I had the privilege of meeting a dozen of our affiliated faculty on the Bloomington campus and seeing the wide range of faculty interests related to philanthropy, from international nonprofits involved in humanitarian work, to board dynamics, to the role of faith in relief efforts, to the contemporary relevance of de Tocqueville, just to name a few. I am already nine months into my tenure, and I am still discovering the depth and scope of the intellectual ferment related to philanthropy at Indiana University.

An intellectual journey of another kind took me to New Harmony, Indiana, as a guest of Dr. George Rapp, where I saw living history of two nineteenth century Utopian communities that have inspired global emulation, American public education, and the scientific exploration of what was then the frontier. Meeting some of the Tobias Leadership Fellows in New Harmony as we arrived, made me think how beneficial a visit to New Harmony could be for all of our students. 

At the beginning of the month, I had another great opportunity when I presented on recent developments at our school to the Rotary Club of Indianapolis. It was terrific to see this group of service-minded leaders so engaged with our mission and proud that their city is home to our unique venture.

Warm regards,


News You Can Use

Lake Institute on Faith & Giving is hiring!

Lake Institute on Faith & Giving invites applications for the full-time position of Managing Director, Education and Engagement in Indianapolis, Indiana. This role will provide leadership for all aspects of the executive education programs of Lake Institute. Please feel free to share this opportunity with qualified candidates. 

Learn more and apply


  • Lake Institute Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship applications accepted
  • 7, Salvation Army-Human Needs Index rollout
  • 8, University Hall dedication and open house
  • 9, Payton Philanthropic Studies Library Rededication Celebration
  • 10, 2015 Payton Symposium
  • 15, Lake Distinguished Visitor, Henry Timms
  • 18, Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) Fall Member Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • 19-21, NACC conference, Chicago, IL
  • 29, Rosso Medal and Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner honoring 2015 recipients-Edith Falk & Lilya Wagner; Genevieve Shaker
  • 28th Annual Symposium30, 2015 Symposium-Philanthropy and Fundraising: What We Know and What We Need to Know

Learn more and register today!

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Academic Programs

September began the recruitment season in which Academic Programs participates in multiple college fairs. They began with a Virtual Graduate School Fair with AmeriCorps. Several participants showed a keen interest in our school and reached out after the fair to get more information. Another AmeriCorps Virtual Fair took place on September 30 and an additional one will happen on December 10. They also participated in the first Idealist Virtual Fair on September 10 and look forward to the next one on October 26. 

The location-based College Fairs attended in September included:

  • September 13-NACAC National College Fair- Cincinnati                       
  • September 17-DePauw University                                                         
  • September 17-NACAC National College Fair-Indianapolis                     
  • September 21-Wabash College                                                              
  • September 22-Hanover College                                                              
  • September 23-Purdue University                                                             
  • September 24-IUPUI Graduate Expo                                                      
  • September 30-University of Evansville                                                    

September 18—The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy was also one of two schools highlighted at the High School Counselor’s Breakfast. After the breakfast, 22 counselors visited University Hall for a tour and a panel discussion with some of our students.

September 19—The school once again participated in the IUPUI Regatta as a sponsor with a competing team. Our team was named the Lilly Leaders and was made up of three students-Molly Braden, Bin Wu, Elle Yang and one alumnus, Wyatt Jackson.

 The Kindness DiariesSeptember 22-25Leon Logothetis, author of The Kindness Diaries, visited the IUPUI campus. The highlight of his visit was the awarding of the Human Interaction Project scholarship that Leon arranged for one of our students. Six student contestants shared their passion for specific causes that are meaningful to them.

HIP competition-Ian Ermatinger-Salas The Board of Visitors ultimately chose Ian Ermatinger-Salas, master's student, to be awarded the scholarship. Ian’s presentation for the competition focused on his passion for providing English language education to vulnerable populations, including refugees and migrants, and his passion for refugee assistance and aid. Focusing on the plight of many refugees and migrants, his presentation examined the impact that an English education can have on someone living in a refugee camp, immigrating to a Western country, or living in poverty internationally. He will have the opportunity to volunteer abroad through UBELONG, an international volunteer agency.

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International Programs

Honors undergraduate student Noah Leigh won the Grand Prize and 1st place, Cultural Adventure in the campus Study Abroad Photo Contest for his photo entitled “Reichstag Lines." He took the photo while participating in our school's Berlin Study Abroad program.

Noah Leigh-Intl. Programs photo competition winnerAbove the parliamentary meeting room, there is a glass dome with a bidirectional ramp that spirals up to the top and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding city of Berlin, open to guests. This is symbolic of government's role to serve the people, not lord their power over them. It is the parliament that is subject to the public, not the other way around.

The Lilly Family School of Philanthropy welcomes visiting scholar Dr. Junkui Han, a professor of sociology from Beijing Normal University. Dr. Han will be hosted by David King as he pursues comparative research on religion and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Looking ahead:

November 7—The Initiative on Philanthropy in China, funded by a multi-year $300,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, will host a final scholar roundtable in Beijing, timed to coincide with another conference at our partner Tsinghua University.

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Women's Philanthropy Institute

WMM-Mesch and OsiliSeptember 18—Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI) partnered with Women Moving Millions (WMM) for the first public release of new research about gender and philanthropy which was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. WPI Director Debra Mesch and Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s Director of Research Una Osili presented a session at the Women Moving Millions Summit in New York City highlighting the new research. Melinda Gates welcomed everyone to the session via video. WPI Council member Jacki Zehner is WMM’s CEO. In late September, Drs. Mesch and Osili reprised their presentation at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s Board of Visitors meeting in Indianapolis.

WPI also presented two sessions at the Wells Fargo Advisors women’s philanthropy conference in Washington, DC as part of an ongoing partnership with Wells Fargo. Debra Mesch moderated a session about trends in philanthropy at the private Wealth Midwest Forum in Chicago.    

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Lake Institute on Faith & Giving

August 31-September 3Bill Enright and Marc Kirchoff led a four-day Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF) course at Saint Meinrad Seminary.

September 11-12David King, led a two-day tailored Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity (CCCG) seminar for the Saskatoon Catholic Foundation in Canada.

September 17-18David King attended the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (BDF) Governing Board two-day fall meeting in Decatur, Georgia.

September 28-October 1Bill Enright, David King and Gasby Brown led a four-day Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF) course at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Looking ahead:

October 15 (11:00 a.m.)—Distinguished Visitor lecture featuring Henry Timms, Executive Director of 92nd Street Y and founder of #GivingTuesday, will give a lecture at Christian Theological Seminary. The program is free and open to the public.

Lake Institute on Faith & Giving is hiring!

Lake Institute on Faith & Giving invites applications for the full-time position of Managing Director, Education and Engagement in Indianapolis, Indiana. This role will provide leadership for all aspects of the executive education programs of Lake Institute. Please feel free to share this opportunity with qualified candidates. 

Learn more and apply

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September 16Dr. Una Osili, director of Research, traveled to Chicago, IL to present for a JP Morgan Chase seminar entitled Social Media 2.0. Her presentation overviewed the Giving in Chicago study released in April 2015 and also covered national and regional trends in philanthropy, motivations for giving, and donor engagement.

September 18—In partnership with the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, the research department released findings from research on women’s giving funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Una Osili and Dr. Debra Mesch traveled to New York City to present key research findings to the Women Moving Millions Summit in a presentation titled The Power of Research: Illuminating a Portrait of Women’s Philanthropy.

September 21Dr. Una Osili traveled with Bill Stanczykiewicz, director of The Fund Raising School, to The Ohio State University (OSU) Foundation, where they presented an overview of key research findings to an internal audience including Michael Eicher, president of the OSU Foundation.

Looking ahead:

October 7—The research department will release the Human Needs Index, a project funded by the Salvation Army. The media rollout will take place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC and will feature Dr. Una Osili and Dean Amir Pasic.

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September 26—Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie announced the launch of the For All: The Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign. With a goal of $2.5 billion and already $1.2 billion raised to date, President McRobbie explained the establishment by Indiana University of a gift matching program for the Bicentennial Campaign. This initiative has been created to offer extra incentive for donors to establish new endowed faculty positions, scholarships, and fellowships. The program also provides a special presidential challenge to encourage faculty and staff to endow and support areas of their choosing.

The leveraging of university funds for such a match has proven very successful in previous campaigns, and it is expected that this new program will again encourage donors to increase the level of their financial support during the current campaign. The Bicentennial Campaign matching program will match the spendable income from new endowments.

The following are details of the matching gift program:

Endowed Faculty Positions

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowed position, in perpetuity. Match does not begin until the position is fully funded and creates spendable income.

Eligibility: Bicentennial Chair, Bicentennial Professor, Bicentennial Librarian, Bicentennial Curator, Bicentennial Professor of Practice.

Endowed Scholarships/Fellowships

Eligibility: All endowed scholarships of $50,000 or more; and fellowships of $250,000 or more;

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowed scholarship/fellowship. Match does not begin until the endowment is fully funded and creates spendable income.

Current and Former Faculty & Staff

Eligibility: All new/named endowments of $25,000+ established by current or former full-time faculty and staff to any part of the university. This is a special challenge funded by the Office of the President to encourage faculty and staff to support the area(s) of their interest and choosing;

Match: 4.5 percent of the initial value of the endowment. Match does not begin until the endowment is fully funded and creates spendable income.

General Notes:

  • In all cases, the match will not begin until the funds have been received;
  • Pledges must be payable over no more than five years to qualify for the match;
  • For life-income gifts, the match will begin upon receipt of the gift to provide an opportunity for the donor to see his or her impact prior to the ultimate distribution of their funds at a later date.

For more information, please contact Katie Prine.

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The awarding of the new Stead Medal in International Philanthropy and research by our faculty and staff were among the school’s work highlighted by national and international news media in September.

  • The presentation of the school’s inaugural Stead Medal in International Philanthropy to Charles F. “Chuck” Feeney was the focus of articles in Philanthropy News Digest, ProBono Australia, and the Queensland, Australia Courier-Mail (subscription required).
  • New research on women and giving recently unveiled by Debra Mesch and Una Osili at the Women Moving Millions conference was the focus of articles in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, The NonProfit Times, ThinkAdvisor, and ProBono Australia.
  • Sara Konrath’s research on the longevity benefits of volunteering was cited in a Chicago Tribune story picked up by other media outlets. Her research that found narcissists can be identified with a single question was the topic of an article in the Australian online publication
  • The New York Times quotes Les Lenkowsky in a story about Kevin Spacey and Cal Ripken, Jr., linking their philanthropic efforts.
  • A Washington Times story on federal funding for Catholic Charities quoted Les Lenkowsky.
  • The Indianapolis Recorder reported on a women and philanthropy conference at which Andrea Pactor spoke.

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