Alumni Board

Alumni Board

Frank Swanzy Essien Jr., M.A. '10
Strategy Officer
Lumina Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

John Ferguson, B.A. '16
Engagement Manager
Indiana United Ways
Indianapolis, IN

Angela Gill, M.A. '11
‎Executive Director
Major Hospital Foundation
Shelbyville, IN

Erin Hedges, M.A. '13
Hedges & Associates
Indianapolis, IN

Brad Kruse, M.A. '99
Philanthropy Director
SRI, Inc.
Bayport, MN

Brad Milius, M.A./M.P.A. '11
Executive Director of Development
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Jeff Small, M.A. '05
Vice President of Programs
Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust
Indianapolis, IN

Richard Trollinger, M.A. '02
Senior Philanthropy Advisor
Centre College
Danville, KY

Smita Vadakekalam, PMP, M.A. '01
COO & Sr. Strategist
Heller Consulting
New York City, NY

Jenna Wachtmann, M.A. '15
Program Officer
Ball Brothers Foundation
Muncie, IN

Bente Weitekamp, M.A. '03
Vice President of Development
Community Health Network Foundation
Indianapolis, IN

Jennifer Zeisler, M.A./M.P.A. '04
Program Director, Career Readiness
ECMC Foundation
Los Angeles, CA