All in for Women & Girls

A look at women’s fund and foundation donors

All In for Women & Girls explores the characteristics of women’s fund and foundation donors—the vast majority of whom are women—and finds that these donors stand out in a number of ways.  

Compared to general donors, women’s fund and foundation donors:

  • Give more to charity and are more likely to give at capacity to women’s and girls’ causes.
  • Embrace a holistic and less siloed approach to philanthropy. They are less likely to be retired and more likely to give while they are still active in the workforce, and are more likely to see themselves as activist donors and philanthropic leaders.
  • Are motivated to give by being on the board or volunteering for an organization, giving back to the community and believing their gift can make a difference. They are less motivated by receiving a tax benefit or because of a religious belief.

As gender equity continues to grow as a social and philanthropic priority, donors to women’s funds and foundations exemplify how to have an outsized effect on the causes you care about.