Loren Harris

Board of Visitors

Board of Visitors
Loren Harris: Board of Visitors


Loren Harris is chief program and strategy officer for The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Oakland, California. In this newly created role, Loren will guide the foundation from its highly successful early stages to a second decade of strong performance and sustained growth.

Previously vice president of programs at Nathan Cummings Foundation, he supported the development of integrated program strategies, and managed a team of program directors and officers to support NCF’s efforts to address inequality and climate changes and oversees grants management.

Addressing structural challenges to equity and justice became the motivating factors driving Harris’s career. He founded and operated KIREN Legacy Enterprises, a social enterprise focused on improving the impact of institutional and individual philanthropy. 

Earlier in his career, Harris served as a program officer granting more than $30 million for the Ford Foundation’s Asset Building and Community Development Program, and an associate program officer for the CS Mott Foundation’s Pathways Out of Poverty Program. 

While at Ford, he leveraged philanthropic capital for a fund to advance young women’s economic empowerment, and reproductive health and rights and helped kick-start national philanthropic efforts focused on the wellbeing of young men of color. 

Loren has a personal passion for environmental issues and creating jobs that can simultaneously address inequality and advance the sustainability of our planet.

Harris earned a master’s degree in public administration from Farleigh Dickinson University and a bachelor’s degree in American history from the City University of New York, Queens College. Among several professional affiliations, Harris sits on the board of directors of the Levitt Foundation, a private food justice foundation.