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Our founder, Dr. Henry Rosso, defined fundraising as “the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” This course goes beyond the specific tools and techniques of fundraising to teach the “amazing skills” of fundraising such as active listening, empathy, emotional intelligence, and additional others-focused skills that are central to connecting with donors and understanding their motivations.

Successful fundraising is an ongoing process. As you continue to identify new donors, you also need to maintain good relations with current donors and encourage them to repeat and increase their giving. Learn and strengthen the fundraising skills that can sustain your organization including direct mail, online giving, major gifts and special events.

Raise more money by receiving more major gifts. Consistent donors can become major donors when you effectively implement the Eight-Step Major Gifts Management Cycle. Identify and utilize your own communication strengths when meeting with donors to develop major gifts and increase your fundraising success.

You have developed significant fundraising skills, and now you have been promoted to lead the fundraising team. Especially for the new leader or the fundraising executive aspiring for a leadership position, in this course, you will learn how to develop and cast vision for your fundraising operation, recruit and retain talent, continually innovate, lead through consensus, address setbacks, and hold colleagues accountable for results.

Through effective fundraising marketing, donors receive consistent, compelling messages that build trust, deepen understanding, and strengthen involvement and support for the mission, especially during times of crisis. This course is specifically designed to address the relationship between fundraisers and the marketing team. Fundraisers and the marketing team will work collaboratively to apply key marketing strategies, including developing print, digital, and event-based media to meet specific development goals. As a team you will also learn to communicate these messages to constituencies and media outlets effectively in good times and in crisis, and further develop metrics and strategies for measuring effectiveness.

This course is specifically designed for one fundraiser and one marketing team member from an organization to attend together.

Financial position, robustness, and flexibility are all areas that are vitally important for effective nonprofit leadership. Leaders in nonprofit organizations must understand the drivers of these components of financial strength in order to be successful in pursuing their organizational missions.

Fundraising occurs at the speed of trust. This course teaches and applies ethical principles that form the foundation of trusting relationships with donors.

Learn how to speak the unique language of businesses and corporations when raising support from the for-profit sector. Companies can fund and strengthen nonprofits in many ways. Gain skills and confidence for successful fundraising in the corporate office and the local business.

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